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November 2019 405: God Rewards Heavily

God is passionate about reward. Find out who God rewards in today’s devotional titled God rewards heavily.

November 29, 2019
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Lagos Fire Conference

It’s the Lagos fire conference. Don’t miss this if you want to reignite a fresh fire in your life. Date: 30th November(4pm) 1st December(9am) Venue: Oak House Church 112 Commercial Avenue Off Herbert Macaulay road Yaba Lagos Enquiries: 08066710452

November 28, 2019
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November 2019 404: Whispers From Another Realm

There are various voices running through this earth. They affect us more than we realiaze. Our devotional titled Wisphers from another realm Explains more

November 28, 2019
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November 2019 403: Finding God’s Plan For Your Life

God has a specific purpose for your life. But how can you find it? Today’s devotional titled Finding God’s plan for your life has the answer

November 27, 2019
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November 2019 402: A Different Look At The Prodigal Son

Today’s devotional titled Another look at the prodigal son Will give you a fresh insight into why God allows certain things in our lives

November 26, 2019
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November 2019 401: The Mystery Of Process

Why does God delay in responding to our needs and desires? Our devotional today titled The mystery of process explains why

November 25, 2019
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November 2019 305: Covenant Keeping God

Find out how to get the blessings of God on a daily basis.

November 22, 2019
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November 2019 304: How To Get Anything From God

We loose so many battles in life, not because God wants us to, but because we do not know how to plead our case before God. Our devotional today titled How to get anything from God explains in detail

November 21, 2019
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November 2019 303: Its Called Profanity

Profanity is not a pleasant route to follow. Today’s devotional titled Its called profanity explains more

November 20, 2019
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November 2019 302: Stronger Than The Storm

Do you know the stuff you’re made off? Today’s devotional titled Stronger than the storm will give you an insight into how you were fabricated

November 19, 2019
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November 2019 301: Balm Of Gilead

Are you hurt, frustrated, lost your drive and motivation? God has an answer for you in today’s devotional titled The balm of gilead

November 18, 2019
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November 2019 205: The Principle Of Divine Selection

Have you ever wondered, how does God select his men? Today’s devotional titled The principles of divine selection teaches us how.

November 15, 2019
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November 2019 204: The Power Of The Blessing

There is a blessing hidden in your mouth. Today’s devotional titled The power of the blessing Tells how to unlock it.

November 14, 2019
November 2019 203: Zip The Lip Of Live

Do you want to see many good days? Then zip the lip so you can live. What does it mean? Our devotional today titled *Zip the lip to live* explains it in details

November 13, 2019
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November 2019 202: Hearing From God

Do you desire to hear from God? Today’s devotional titled Hearing from God will show you how

November 12, 2019
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