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Prayer Week

Send in your prayer request and you will be prayed for.

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  • Oyin

    I want God to perfect all that concerns me

  • Olaitan Adesiyan

    Good morning. Rev taught of the fear of God this morning My prayer point is that the fear of God will rest on the Country Nigeria like NEVER BEFORE. The understanding of the fear of God is lacking in the country We have taken God for granted too long in this country but that God will be merciful to us.

  • Grace Omunu

    My heart desire is for God to connect me to my God ordained spouse, settled me, my sister, cousins and everyone on the line for miracle marriage maritally this year in Jesus name. I also desire to be gainfully employed in my area of interest. I pray God to break of hold of limitation in my life and family in Jesus name. Thank you for turning every concerns of my life into testimonies in Jesus name

  • Bro Romanus Okoli

    Your messages has been a blessing to me dear Rev.

  • Oji Nnenna

    I want to know God more. To have a closer relationship with Him.

  • Mrs Tina Olajubu

    My prayer request:
    I need more of God in my life, marriage, Home, relationship, business in all areas! My business presentation today and my event next week Saturday 29th June 2019, let’s the power of God be seen there and let’s God take charge of all and Everything concerning me. I need more of him and less of me, the fear of God shud dominate my marriage and my family ??

  • onyekwele ngozi j

    Lord pls deliver me and my family from stagnation. Lord I need five years USA visa to do my master and a good job to sustain me & my family while am there.lot restore all our inheritance that the enemy took away from my family. Lord help my children to know and serve you all the days of their life, the works of our enemy’s will never affect their destiny.lord promote me and my husband in our work places and give us unmerited favour. Help us lord to complete our building in the village and to have our own house in the town. Above all help me and my family to serve you unconditional in Jesus name Amen..

  • Jennifer

    1) A deeper reationsgip with God
    2) Restoration of my parents health and well being
    3) Marriage
    4) Business opportunities for me
    5) Business opportunities and financial establishment for Dani David.
    6) Blessings of God upon me and my family.

  • Tambesangaya frank Howe

    I prayed for spirit of setbacks to leave me, I prayed for financial growth , I equally for spiritual growth , also may Almighty God grant properity to my family , I prayed for serve delivery for my girlfriend and my unborn child.

  • Olowoyo

    God make me fruitful in all ramfication…This year..

  • Ngozi Adimora

    Please pray for my husband to totally give his life to Christ.
    Pray for my children to be taught of the Lord and fulfil purpose to God’s glory in Jesus name amen .
    O lord, expand our coast in all positive aspects in Jesus name amen

  • Bawo Ikomi

    How do I place my prayer request
    I covet your prayers for my family. That God Almighty will totally and completely halt the siege of the strong man against my husband’s life ,upon my marriage , our home, our finances and my life and that of our children that we may serve him with all our heart, soul and mind in Jesus name .

    Also that God Almighty will grant unto me, my husband and my children particularly my last born child the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him that all our hearts fully comprehend the height, depth and width of His love.
    That every hardness of heart be broken in me , my husband and my three girls(children) and every stone that needs to be rolled away for God to be enthroned Lord of Lords in our lives be rolled away.

  • Laurel Imuezerua

    I ‘ve been married for eight years and yet to conceive (FEB 2011). Am believing God for multiple pregnancy. I ‘ve had IVFs & IUIs and all failed. Right now I have fibroids and the doctors said any fertility treatment without surgery would amount to exercise in futility. I believe God of impossibility shall locate me and shrink those fibroids and render them ineffective. I have faith that the same way God located king Boaz & Ruth and gave them natural conception; same shall be my story. NO MORE to fertility treatments. I relocated to the US two years ago and am still believing God for my green card; healthcare without insurance is very expensive not to talk of fertility treatment. In all God has been more than faithful to me and my husband and I remain eternally grateful to Him. Lately my strength has been failing me, am in need of prayers and God’s intervention. Thanks & God Bless.

  • Ekaette Ikono

    My ernest prayers is divine favour so I’ll get a well paid job to support my husband and increase so I’ll be able to start up my business in Jesus name Amen

  • Abigail Kakiyes Isaac




  • Linda

    Pray for God to heal my sister from fybroid

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