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  • My Secret Place Devotion

Prayer Week

Send in your prayer request and you will be prayed for.

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  • Peter Duke

    Prayer Request:
    1. Financial Breakthrough, to enable me start my Nuts processing Plant and Leasing Company as well as My Charity Foundation.
    2. That all I lost as a result of my dismissal from the Navy should be recovered and the dismissal should be converted to retirement.
    3. That my relationship with all my family members be restored especially my Children and Peace, Love and Happiness reign in the family.
    4. That everything I do from now on be successful.

  • Taiwo Omotayo

    1. Please help me pray that God should heal me completely because I fall ill every time and I’m not happy
    2. I need change of Job and I want God to intervene in my marital status(single) but not searching
    3. I want God to deliver my entire family from poverty
    4. I need God to see me through journey in life and accept me back to his kingdom
    5. And also forgive my sins and wash me with his precious blood.
    6. Divine visitation and upliftment
    7. I also need wisdom and knowledge of God in this race of life

  • Emmanuel Ogbonna

    Good morning Ma, I want you all to join in prayer for my home and family members
    For my sibling Ikechukwu by name to give his life to christ
    For God to provide my sibling Nnamdi job who is at from school since two years
    For God to remove fibroid from my wife body.
    For change of level in my finances. Thank you and God bless.

  • Ogechi Emeanua

    I am in a relationship now, this should be fruitful. I don’t want to be disappointed again in Jesus name. Amen. His name is Chris Iwuoha

  • Victoria kuteyi -Ogundemuren

    Good morning, I must say I have been really blessed with all the teachings by Pastor Alfred. God bless and water you spiritually ma. My prayer point is or are these. 1. I want God to bless all the children He gave me to bring up. Both biological and acquired. He should take them to the next level in their respective careers so I can sit back and eat the fruit of single parenthood.
    2. The Lord should please endow me withong life in good health to witness the manifestations of these children.
    The Lord should please reinstate my financial status having spent so much singly for my wards. so that I will be comfortable in my old age

  • Marshal Adele

    God’s Grace be upon you all in Jesus name.
    My prayer points:
    1. To know and walk blamelessly before the Lord
    2. To live with eternity in view every day.
    3. To do the total Will of God.
    4. For the fruit of the womb
    5. Grace to complete my building project
    6. To win more souls to Christ
    7. To love the Lord above and beyond.

  • Orjiako Emelia

    Request: every siege over my finances, every struggle and walking in circle to come to an end.

  • Jenny

    Join me in prayer as I have trusted God to remove and heal me of fibroids in Jesus’ name. God bless you.

  • Ogu Iheanyichukwu Princewill

    Pray for me that God will deal with me mercifully when I go contrary to his will.

    That God create in me the spirit to fear him till the end of my living.

    That his plans for me will in all stages of my life come true.

    I love this medium, May God give you more grace, amen.

  • Mrs Tina Olajubu

    God I need you more like never before in my home, marriage, finances, carrier and my forth coming event.

  • Amaka Joan Ewulu

    Pray for me that the eyes of my understanding be enlighten and I will know the purpose of my calling on earth.
    That I will locate my husband as age is not on my side my human calculation
    That I will have the fear of God more in me
    God grant peace to my family and expose every word of the enemy
    That give me ideas to move to a new level

  • Constance ikosah

    God bless you and increase you, give you more wisdom and Grace in Jesus name. Amen

  • N S Stroude

    Re: Prayer Request

    Good morning saints. I am asking for support in prayer regarding my immigration status in the UK. I am asking for God to reveal to me open doors to get it sorted and I am also praying for a job to turn up that does not require paperwork, just to tide me over for now. It’s been 16 years and I am 43 and unmarried. It has really mentally affected me.

    Many thanks.

  • Bukol

    For God to bless me with supernatural conception, carriage to term and safe delivery. This is my 11th year in marriage.

  • Akinluyi Nwachukwu Priscilla

    Good Morning Ma, Good Morning MSP team.
    My prayer points are as follows;:
    * Prayer for the spirit of Consistency.
    * Prayer for God’s perfect will concerning my Marital settlement.
    * For Marital Connection and settlement this year.
    *For peace regarding marital Issues.
    *Personal Revelation/insight of who God is.
    * For experiential knowledge of God.
    *To be align to God’s will at all time
    *For Spiritual partners and Destiny helper.
    *For the Establishment of Gabby Scilla Global services (Barbing, Beauty Parlor, nail business and General contract).
    *For uncommon wisdom to sustain and grow my business (Firstmonie).
    *For Financial provision for my local church venue rent.
    * I pray the Oil Rev Oyiks and her team will never run dry. I pray for daily refreshment upon her, her ministry, home and entourage.

    Thank you and God bless MAP team immensely Amen.

  • chinedu okoroma

    growth in my walk with God, salvation of my brothers, growth in the lives of those I share MSP devotion with daily, favor of a new house next month(want to leave my former place), I want a wife, extra source of income. I want to give more

  • Sis Chibuzo

    I thank God for this devotional bc it is enriching my walk with God. My prayer point is that I will not be a backslider, and to be free from the spirit of fear .this fear only comes when am preaching the gospel of Christ ,mostly anything that concerns the spread of the Gospel of Christ.i think I need the baptism of the holy spirit. The holy spirit bears me witness that am a Child of God but why all these fear.?God bless you

  • Oyeyipo Olamide mary.

    A new heart for my husband, i need him to be born again, God should arrest his heart.

  • C. L.

    I want to fear God more, obey God. Need direction on what He has sent me to on this planet earth. Thank u

  • Udeme Achiuwa

    Thanks Rev. Your devotionals have been a blessing. My prayer request is for clarity in my work with God as it pertains to pastoring and church planting which is the phase my husband and I are in. The passion for souls and the grace for righteous living upon my family and I as well as the people we pastor. Lastly for God to give you the grace to keep doing what you do.

  • Deborah Gbemi Ifederu-Osibodu

    Please pray for deliverance from evil attack.Healing from pain on the tight side of my neck due to an attack during my sleep.To have more annoninting and power and pray in Tongues.To deliver me and my family from household enemies.God to annoint my house and environment and chase away any evil spirit in. the house

  • Mrs Ijeoma

    Please pray for me for the fruit of the womb. For 5years I have been married without kids.
    The Lord should bless our business and I will come back to testify.

  • Akudo

    Pls pray that God will totally heal me of this worrying health condition, that God will bless us with a son and prosper my husband in Jesus name.

  • Mercy omokhodion

    Breakthrough for my hubby in his business

  • Simon okechukwu isaiah

    Thank you for this opportunity to share my request on platform. I believe answers will come forth after now.
    1. I desire a fresh fire and divine align with the Lord…
    2. I desire that men and women will come to the knowledge of Jesus from every nation of earth.
    3. I desire to own my own apartment and mobility this year.
    4. I desire to get a job with any federal ministry in nigeria as a photographer.
    5. I desire the supernatural provide finance for our forthcoming wedding and help us work in purpose even as we work into growing a godly marriage.
    6. I desire that the debts some persons are owning my daddy should be paid.
    7. I desire that the eyes of understanding be enlightened and rightly divide the word of truth
    8. I desire a total completion of all the building projects we have embarked as a family
    9 I desire open doors in my daddy’s business
    10. I desire that the Lord continue to use this ministry to transform the life of people around the world.
    11. I desire the Lord will transform and perfect his work in the life of my lady.

  • Temiloluwa Adewale Adefila

    I want God to supernaturally retain me on my job and be promoted at the same time.

  • Chukwunonso Izundu

    I am a 33 yr old man. I have some health issues that I want God to heal me of. I have been believing God for my healing for a very long while now. Chief among them is inguinal hernia- I have had this problem since 2002, my SS3 class. I have had 2 corrective surgeries; one in 2005 on the left, while the other side in 2012. Currently, the one (right side) corrected since 2005 has resurfaced since 2016. I don’t want to go for another surgery. I have been living with this great burden and I want Jesus to take it off from me.

  • Jessica

    1)I prayed & trust God that my status has changed to negative & that my friend’s status is also negative. I know in my heart. However, I feel anxiety in my heart & fear. My prayer request is that, every fear and anxiety is cleared in the Name of Jesus Christ & the peace of the Lord should envelope me. And that when we go to check our statuses it’s indeed negative.
    2) Financial Breakthrough for my family & I. And every debt be canceled.
    All these in Jesus Name, Amen.

  • Akumma

    Good morning. Please my prayer request is that I may know God serve him in truth and in spirit. Hatred, anger, jealousy, bitterness will depart from my life and spirit of God will take over.and may God heal my heart to forgive and move on.

  • Mary Udoh

    Good morning, please my prayer request is for God to choose a husband with the fear of God for daughter Amanda.
    My second request is for God to bless my son with wisdom and for academic achievements.
    I pray for God to continue to be in my marriage, bless my husband and protect him against strange friends, and give him a breakthrough

  • Apili Agnes Akhere

    Pray for me for healing mercies on me, that is against high blood pressure.

  • Olayide

    I need a divine turnaround in my business.

    Trusting the Lord for necessary financial resources (Scholarships and Grants) as my daughter goes to college in August.

    Complete Healing in my body

    Wisdom and Strength to pursue my purpose.

  • Chibundu

    Prayer request.
    Praying for financial breakthrough (Deut 8:18). That the holy spirit, the revealer of secrets will help myself and my wife to identify opportunities to make better income especially as debt has taking so much from us during our downtime.

  • Kenechukwu Aneke

    Pray for my family for God’s hedging as a pillar of fire according to Zech 2:5 and that God will rid us of those with the right hand of falsehood and lying lips

  • Ngozi Obimba

    Please pray for my son Chijim that he would start talking very well and start doing very well in school

  • Cassandra Uzo-Ogbugh

    I will be 7 years married in Sept 2019. My prayer request is for for the fruit of the womb before the end of 2019, andantes supernaturally pregnancy, and I will carry my children to full term in Jesus name.

  • Cassandra Uzo-Ogbugh

    I will be 7 years married in Sept 2019. My prayer request is for for the fruit of the womb before the end of 2019, andantes supernaturally pregnancy, and I will carry my children to full term in Jesus name.

  • okoroha ogechukwu charity

    Asking God for long live and good health in my family, asking god for husband of my own I’m going to 38yrs now,need business of my own,finally remove the spirit of wickedness and return the soft mind in me

  • Adesanya Olufunke

    God please promote my husband and grant him better appointments. Put your fear upon my children. grant unto them spirit of excellence in Jesus Name.

  • Maureen Odiete

    Requesting Divine intervention for my children aged 31, 29, 28 and 27 concerning God chosen life partners and for them and my husband to truly receive Christ and live for His glory

  • Ngozi Stella Nwachukwu

    I want God to visit my home with two male children, David and Joshua. I already have a girl. We have been waiting for 6 years. Also i want my husband to be born again. He drinks too much Alcohol and keeps late night. Also i need promotion in my job and business. Thanks

  • Udeogu Confidence

    Lord please show me the way to serve you more…… bless the effort of my husband and give us the strength to pass through difficult times Amen.

  • Ada Asomadu Nee Nwabachili

    Please help me to pray. My own earthly father kept me in bondage and said I will not prosper in anything I do whether business or white collar job and if I venture into any employment. It will not take time, I will be dismissed again. I have not work in any establishment more than 2years and every night he operate in my vicinity as a wizard declaring loss and non achievement and I see it instantly happening in my life. I have been praying for this for a long period now.

  • Chi Chi

    Good morning , Thank you for this opportunity to pray with and for us. My prayer request is that God will make permanent, the new thing he is doing in my home. And that my children will grow to love God and fear him.

    I’d also like to pray for help with my weaknesses that are keeping me from fellowshiping and serving God as I ought to. I desire more wisdom, a clear vision and grace to accompany me as I walk in God’s purpose

  • Emeghara Okey

    1. I want to regain the FEAR OF THE LORD
    2. Academic breakthroughs for upcoming and previously written exams
    3. Financial Breakthrough to be able to write exams and meet needs.
    4. Peace in Nigeria

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