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Prayer Week

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  • Nebo Chinenye Janet

    I need God’s hand to touch me I have a bilateral thyroid nodules and pain in my axilla. Am also trusting God for a marriage partner.

  • Jemma

    I pray God to heal my niece Chidera of LUPUS and grant her success in her final medical school EXAMINATION this year. We will surely testify.

  • Nkenu odu

    Pray for The conversion of my friend Osita Amadi for the light of God to shine in his heart and for God to bring him into the fullness of His Glory, to be the man God has called Him to be.

  • Nkenu

    I need God’s light upon the life of my friend Osita Amadi, for the conversion of His soul and the Light of God to flood His spirit, let God bring Him to the fullness of Glory and let him begin to manifest the purpose for which God has called him. Amen

  • Vivian

    I have this strange pain in my left breast. I pray that it will disappear the same way it came in Jesus name.

  • Onyizuks

    I pray God to completely heal my son of whatever sickness that worries him as we have been admitted to emergency ward since yesterday. And same healing to my mother too Amen.

  • Carol

    I need God to teach me temperance. To help me deal with aggression and temper tantrums. Amen

  • Rachy

    I Just want to love God more each day and work closely with his spirit,an Academic breakthrough and a scholarship to further my education.

  • Ify

    I’m trusting God for the fruit of the womb and deliverance in my family. Every single one of us alive has been experiencing a major battle and drawback. We are overcomers in Jesus name. Amen.

  • Kehinde Ogundipe

    I am seeking God’s powerful hand in my life for the fruits of the womb.

  • Okwuasaba lauretta

    My son to be of sound mind permanently not on and off

  • Jennifer Richard

    I’m married since 2011, I’ll take in nd it disappear after some months. Still expecting. I need a group prayer. A woman told my husband he won’t father a child. Two ancient men appeared during my pregnancy and chant some word I couldn’t hear.
    I want to be a mother thus year 2019 by all means.

  • Ifeanyi Ozoeze

    Good morning, Please pray for God’s direction in every area of my life,particularly to choose my life partner this year.

  • Josephine

    Asking for God’s healing of Carcinoid cancer for Mrs Onyeabo,Praying for a very good Job ,prayer for life partners for my sisters and friends,praying promotion for my Husband and praying for God’s healing and conversion of my daddy

  • Kate and Barbara Gregory

    I need God to heal me completely from leg problem, it has been on for a long time . And my daughter needs healing too for her legs too. Let the healing of God restore us completely. Am trusting God to do that which only Him can do. Amen.

  • Kate and Barbara Gregory

    I need God to heal me completely of leg problem which has been on for a while now and that same issue is affecting my daughter too. I know and believe that God can heal us completely. Amen.

  • Ezinne chukwuemeka

    1.Supernatural breakthrough in my husband’s business
    2.Fruit of the womb

  • Ifeanyi John Eze

    I need financial breakthrough in every aspect of my life and his grace to do his will

  • Elizabeth

    I pray for God ‘s supernatural financial breakthrough and to heal me of the toe pain that use to wake me at night

  • Charles Ugbor

    I want God to give my wife a good job this year so that she can support me in running our home. I also want God to establish my siblings this year so that they can be independent financially. Thirdly, i want God to perfect his healing in my father’s body. Lastly, i really want to be close to God.

  • Titilayo

    I need God to heal my son Ayoade. He will be Two years in June yet he can’t talk, listen very well, sit, stand nor walk by himself. His neck is not yet stand.

  • Hakeem G Noibi

    My request is a prayer to the Lord for the restoration of all I have lost.

  • Josephine

    Please pray with me for god to help me with my financial struggles…i need a miraculous break through to get me forward, prayer for my first born who is seeking employment his name is cordio Williams

  • Ada

    Trusting God for a financial breakthrough for my family

  • Maureen

    Grace to know God more, Promotion in my place of work,let God remember me as its long overdue.

  • Adesuwa Ugowe

    Pls pray for complete healing and sound mind for my elderly mother who had an operation on the 12th of February this year. She needs a lot of prayers, thank you.

  • Olaitan

    Prayers for my son Seth Olaoluwapo who the doctors says he his SS, I pray for a change in his genotype to AA

  • Amida Gillian

    I want God to give me miracle Job and settle my family and siblings this first quarter in JESUS NAME. AMEN

  • Naomi

    Lord , I desire marital breakthrough and conversation to full staff in my place of work.Lord, let the bone of my bone locate me in Jesus name.

  • Kuyet

    I need to know God for myself. I need accomodation in ikoyi that is quiet with light and water…

  • Awotoye Oluwaremilekun

    I need God to change my genotype. The doctor claims I’m AS but I want God to change the report to AA. Also I am in a relationship and I want God to settle every of our disputes. I believe God can do it again.

  • Awotoye Oluwaremilekun

    I need God to change my genotype. The doctor claims I’m AS but I want God to change the report to AA. Also I am in a relationship and I want God to settle every of our disputes.

  • Awotoye Oluwaremilekun

    I need God to change my genotype. The doctor claims I’m AS but I want God to change the report to AA. Also I am in a relationship and I want God to settle every of our issues.

  • Kemi

    Divine involvement in my husband’s supply business.
    Let it be fully established

    Genuine repentance of my brother

    Divine healing in my body of high blood pressure and heart palpitations

  • Kemi

    Divine involvement in my husband’s supply biz. Let it be fully established.
    Genuine repentance of my brother.
    Divine healing in my body of high blood pressure and heart palpitations
    Favor in getting a comfortable accommodation and paying for it

  • Ometty

    I need God to heal my sister completely of breast cancer, I also want God to bring to past everything he has set to do in my life this year.

  • Cathrine Mukupa

    I need God to heal me from Fibroids and am also trusting Him to help me find a marriage partner. Amen

  • Mrs. Charity Onyechi

    I have had 2 daughters and God has been showing me something about twin boys, I pray that the next conception in my family will be twin boys, I need divine speed to complete my M. Sc. Program and a scholarship to do my Ph.D program abroad

  • Mrs. Charity Onyechi

    I have had 2 daughters and God has been showing me something about twin boys, I pray that the next conception in my family will be twin boys. I need divine speed to complete my M. Sc. Program and a scholarship to do my Ph.D program abroad.

  • Nnamdi Ikedife

    i need healing in my body.i have pains in the lower part of my back.i need healing of any internal organ that is not working well.i need healing in my urinary system.

  • Nnamdi Ikedife

    i need direction in my career and ministry

  • Kate

    I need God in my llife, i need his glory to fill my life, i am filling empty without him.

  • Osas Odia

    Please pray with me for divine opportunities to relocate my brother’s and my families to USA

  • Uju

    I need God’s divine promotion and wisdom on my job and family. I need a band 9 in my IELTS . I need God’s Favour. I know He will answer my prayers.

  • Esther Solomon

    I prayed God for a good job for my spouse, great success in my exams this year & to birth my children by d end of d year to God’s glory in Jesus name.

  • Joy Nkiru

    I pray to God to heal my son Chidera from ADHD .
    I pray for my business to grow.
    I pray for financial breakthroughs for my husband and my brothers.
    I pray for all round Fruitfulness. In Jesus name Amen

  • Maria

    Prayer request: For God to intervene in my prolonged single hood.I have waited so long,and prayed about it every single day for over a decade now.I no longer want it to be a prayer request but a testimony to the glory of God.

  • Chinwendu

    I need to be more forgiving this year. A heart more like God’s own.I am trusting God for open door to be able to fund Law School this year

  • Chisom Ijeoma

    I have been squatting with a friend for 2years and doing my business …I have about 3months to get my own house….I pray for a miracle…
    2)Am believing God for my life Partner this year …by the 2nd quarter of this I will be MARRIED.

  • Fakeye folasayo

    I need Gods hand on my institute of chartered accountant exams, life partner, a job at price waterhouse copper and deeper work with God.
    I need God’s hand in getting a Good school for my masters in Canada… I need God’s hand to help start my dad’s business..


    I believe What God does through his word.I have been blessed by this devotional since January I started following and listening to it.God bless Rev Onyiks and give her more grace to do greater exploits.

    My prayer point for this prayer week is that God will help me through in my marriage.Let God give me the grace of TOLERANCE,and let him disentangle my husband from unfriendly friends who don’t add anything to his or our lives and also to make him more committed in his works to God.

    Let God give me extra grace to work for him well in his vineyard.

    Let him move the USCIs group and Donald Trump,so their would be approval for 140 petitions as this is causing me delay in my immigration process even after passing the NCSBN exams.

    Thank you Lord because I know that you are already in charge of everything and at the end we shall return all glory to your name. Amen.


    Let God break my sister out of every spell that was castes on her by a one time suitor whom she turned down.I pray that God will grant her the man of her choice that is in line with his will.

    Let God break my family out of the yoke of bondage against my marriage and also let him break us off the spirit of poverty in Jesus name Amen.

  • Harmony kevinbright

    Physical evidence of prayer answered of the fruit of the womb. Financial open doors for my husband. Fulfilment and elevation in ministry, manifestation of all my spiritual gifts.

  • Kenneth udoka

    I need God to provides a good shop for me, in the area where I used to sell gas and God to bless my husband with a good job

  • Chibuike Henrietta

    I want God to bless my husband with a good job that ll bring the family together, we have been in distant marriage for too long cos of job. God answer our prayer IJN, AMEN.

  • Precious

    Please pray along with me. My 14 years old son David is still bedwetting and not showing much commitment to his academics.

  • Ekene

    Please pray along with me for God to deliver me from the spirit of lust and sexual sin that comes upon me everytime I am on the right path to walking with God. To restore me and my marriage/home to God’s path and righteousness permanently.

  • Dammie

    I pray for financial breakthrough for. all my siblings and Loved ones.I know God in his infinite mercy will come through,Amen

  • Juliet Igbari

    My prayer request, I need divine intervention on my immigration status to remain in UK and I pray Gods divine connection with a husband God shld pls take away d pain of widowhood frm me. Amen

  • Uzo

    Praying for a pure heart and thought also praying to conceive of Tripplet.

  • Rosaline

    I’m believing God for the fruit of the womb and a job .

  • Okosa Patience E.

    I pray to God to heal me from rheumatoid arthritis pains which is making me walk with difficulty

  • Tuwenre Walker

    A fulfilling job

  • Mrs Nnenna Njoku

    I pray that God blesses me with twin boys this year

  • Ladies Ogazi

    I need God’s interventions in as ramification of my life and family especially the release of my husband promotion letter and my sister employment letter., Thanks

  • lheoma

    I have been blessed by the daily devotion thank you. My pray request is… God provide spouses for( my two daughters who are Jesus disciples) men that are disciples also and prosperous. 2 God draw my son Austin to your self let him know you and be committed to you. 3 I ask for healing on my body there is pain on my breasts and left axillary

  • Ella Onyeka

    I need prayers for God to heal me from waist and leg pain that has defiled medical treatment. Anger tantrum, I need promotion this year. I want to be more dedicated and dedicated to God and to serve him to the best of my abilities.

  • Mary

    I have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb for Years. I want to carry my triplet this year. I want God to arrest Chinweuba, Ngozi, Derick and Gift that they will give their lives to Christ.

  • Emmanuel.N

    Good Morning

    Pls kind pray for me
    1. I need the spirit of God to strengthen me to will and to do according to his good pleasure concerning me. To be more passionate about the things of God, fervent and consistent in serving Him.

    2. To also live in the consciousness of who i am in Christ Jesus and know His inheritance in me.

    3. Pray for my wedding coming up in about 3weeks from now that God will cause every good thing abound for us according to His Glorious riches. That there will be no interference from the elections and we will have more than enough financial resources to meet the needs.

    4. As God to reveal Himself to me and my wife to be Afresh. That we will know Him and love him with all our hearts and might and soul.

    5. Pray for my Sisters that their spouse will surely come to them this year 2019 and we shall have multiply wedding celebrations this 2019.

  • Adibe Chinonso

    I need a divine favour and grace. Financial upliftment.

  • Tina

    I need God to make my husband whole and be able to use his right side before he had the haemorrhage

  • Chisom Egwuatu

    I am trusting God for a job with stanbic ibtc. I have gone for the interview and passed the first stage. I ask for your prayers for God to see me through in all stages and give me the job.

  • Chisom

    I suspect my 15 months old has been sexually assaulted by my nanny. He has been acting strange and being touchy and barely sleeps at night. I pray for God to restore his sexuality and innocence. Please interceed on my behalf for my toddler

  • Loveth Egberamwen

    Good morning sir/ma please i need a serious prayer first i want to be out of deportation camp Russia and i also need God mercy upon my life and that of my family. God bless you as u put my request into prayer

  • Ruth O

    Please pray for salvation of my dad soul and my Siblings.
    Save and sound delivery of my daughter.
    Heal my hearing system,inbalances while walking,high blood pressure,Shoulders pain.
    God to reveal Himself to me and take me deeper in Him.
    Stay and Settlement in UK this year.
    God to heal my foundation and deliver me from spirit of hatred and disfavour in Jesus name.

  • Toyin

    Please join me in believing for the supernatural move of God’s hand in financial freedom, uncommon favor for my family and real estate. I am praying specifically for the purchase of 2 buildings- the 6834-68 Business building and the 2323 home for my family this year

  • Chetachi

    Praying for a perfect health for my mother and in my respiratory tract and also for marital settlement in my family.

  • Lebohang Amelia Mpoka

    Praying for my brothers Simon and Mpho,for God to give them wives who fear and love God.Praying also for my younger sister Yvonne,for God to give her joy in her life and a husband.I pray for a permanent job at city council right now i am temporary but by Gods grace management already is treating me well and they are happy that i am part of the team.praying for my husband Jantjie and kids Kenneth and William to join me at my church Christian Life Ministry and lastly this year i will be 50 years and I ask God to make my celebration a success and all friends and family from far and near should be able to come and celebrate with me

  • Okey

    I want to be closer to God this year. Secondly for success in all exams for My Wife and I, and finally for financial breakthrough for me and my entire family and also my in-laws.

  • Chioma

    I want to have an encounter with the Holy Spirit I want to be what he wants me to be, I want to be able to hear from God when he speaks to me.

  • Olumide

    I wanna get closer to God and I’m trusting him for a better job

  • Kam Okobi

    I need God to give two of my sons, Somtochukwu a job and Chukwuebuka admission into the tertiary institution.

  • Godswill Idika

    This Devotional has really been and still is a big blessing to my life and my family,it has helped my walk with God.

  • Tang Audrey Nyirongo

    I prayer for spiritual growth & breakthrough in the area of my project & release of my finances

  • Chinelo

    I pray that God will give my husband a vision for his family, Get him restless with the status quo and establish him financially. Protection and supernatural guidance by the Holy spirit for my son Emmanuel. Greater Intimacy with God and establishment in life.

  • Chinelo

    28th February is my birthday. I pray for God’s grace in this phase of my life. Ask God for my birthday present

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