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September 2019 404: The Power Of Spiritual Exercise

When a person wants to stretch physical muscles, exercise is the key.
But what do you do when you want to stretch spiritual muscles?

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  • Ordu, Patricia Ibifiri Henry

    Goodevening ma,
    I just listened to your massages and I’m so bless by them. I want to ask if I can be getting this devotional audio. I will be very very greaful ma.thanks

  • Ella

    When it comes to fasting, is one meant to have a particular reason to fast or just decides to fast because the Bible commands it?

    • mspdevotionals

      You cannot just go into fasting without having something you are targeting to achieve with the fast. Remember that fasting is not a hunger strike. There is a place of prayer in it. And you must be praying about something specific.

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